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When Do I Need A Trust

| March 18, 2019
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For many of us we grew up thinking a Trust was just for the wealthy family we heard about in the news. The true is a Trust is needed for more than just end of life wealth disbursement.   It could be more valuable in the event you become incapable of handling day to day life decisions. By having a successor trustee named they could take over for you to handle your affairs.

This is just one of the reasons we talk with our clients that have not taken the step to form a trust to encourage them to examine the many benefits of a family trust. For families with small children when you form a trust you also, prepare a will so you can name who you want to step in to care for them if needed, and the trust can provide how funds are used to care for them.

Please call our office to talk about the Financial Benefits of a family/living trust.

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