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| October 09, 2019
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The Family Trust


We continue to have clients that have not set up a Family Trust. We are working with a family now that the last parent passed away and the heirs are dealing with probate. It occurred to me, you pay for an attorney to set up the trust or your heirs pay an attorney to handle probate.

Probate is a public record event and can take much longer to settle since you must schedule court appearances and the estate must have an appraisal by a probate referee appointed by the State Controller in California. Each state has similar probate requirements. A Trust is not a public event and if all accounts and properties are in the trust, settlement is a much shorter time.

As I researched to write this blog the more, I wanted to express the importance of a Trust. Please call our office for more information on how to get started on the path to peace of mind that you did the best to preserve your estate for your heirs. 

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