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Peace of Mind

| August 13, 2018
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Here at Wealth Solutions Group it is our mission to help as many people reach their financial goals as possible. We have many tools available to us as financial professionals as we work with each client and their unique situations to guide and position them for success.


Terry just last week wrote about the 529 college savings plan, which is a great option for any of us with children who we aspire to help finance an education. When it comes to financial goals we’ve learned that it's not so much the dollars and cents that excite people about the future, it’s their families and what success will mean for them long term. This is why we find life insurance to be a tool many clients should consider adding to their financial tool chest.

If you Google why you need life insurance, a few things come up:

-To Pay Final Expenses

-To Cover Children’s Expenses

-To Replace the Spouse’s Income

-To Pay Off Debts

-To Buy a Business Partner’s Shares

-To Pay Off Estate Taxes

-To Leave an inheritance

-To Bring Peace of mind


The above reasons are all very important considerations, but peace of mind might just be the main reason we here at Wealth Solutions see to consider life insurance. When most clients get to thinking about their families, they want them protected in the event something were to happen to them. Nobody enjoys thinking about their own demise, which can be a hurdle for most of us to acquiring the protection that life insurance can afford. However, while it’s not a pleasant thing on the surface, it can actually be one of the most important things you can do for the security of your family.

We take a holistic approach to financial success with our clients. Part of our aims as we serve you is to see you thrive. To thrive is more than anything a mindset. Dollars and cents are only part of the equation for each client’s success, and there are many tools to help get you there.  If you feel that the peace of mind and many other benefits life insurance can afford is something you should have in your financial tool chest, we would love to help you explore adding it.

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