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Can a Natural Disaster Come For Your Investments?

| July 24, 2019
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We want all our clients to maximize their savings and to meet their goals for their money, be it a nice retirement on a beach somewhere, traveling the world or just getting your kids through a very expensive education at the school of their choice. We here at Wealth Solutions Group love nothing more than to see you succeed at saving and executing your plan with your money.

A large portion of our clients are of course Southern Californians, and recently Southern California experienced a fairly significant earthquake that shook us better than we have in a long time. We were very lucky that the epicenter was almost 100 miles away. On everyone’s mind of course, is what happens when the same magnitude occurs here? The damage could possibly be much more severe.

So why do we bring this up? It’s not to be a downer! It is because we have always taken a holistic approach to financial planning here at WSG, and we feel these types of events are a great time to consider your exposure to various events and how you can attempt to protect your investment portfolio. In the earthquake scenario individuals could possibly lose large portions of their retirement funds trying to repair damage or get back to square one. We suggest a comprehensive overview of your insurance situation not just for earthquake but for all aspects, to pair with your wealth building and preservation strategies with us.

Insurance can possibly prevent having to dip into your hard earned and planned for retirement funds in the event of a catastrophe. We would love to discuss how to protect you from earthquakes and other big events, call our office at 800-930-3642 and we would be happy to schedule a consultation!

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